Not Wolverines

There was a story on the local Fox morning show about a bobcat and her pups that were spotted in a neighborhood in an affluent community to the east of Phoenix.  They story had just ended when Mom came into the family room to say good morning to me and Bill.

“They’ve had a family of bobcats in someone’s backyard in Fountain Hills,” I said.  “They showed the babies climbing in a tree and the mother on the concrete wall keeping tabs on them.”

“Well at least it wasn’t, umm, you know… not wolverines,” she replied.

“Not wolverines?” I asked.

“Yes, you know, those other ones.”


“No, no.  They’re like wolverines but have that colored fur poking out around their eyes.  Maybe badgers?”

“Badgers?  What does that have to do with bobcats?” Bill interjected.

“Because they can ruin your house.”

“Badgers?” he asked again.

“No, like badgers except with the stuff around their eyes.”

“You mean raccoons?” I asked.

“YES!  Raccoons.  They can really tear up your house.  Lil and Al had one in their attic back in Michigan”  she said as she turned her walker around and left the room  “And it made a terrible mess out of things.”

Bill looked at me and asked “Do they have raccoons in Phoenix?”

“I don’t think so,” I answered.  “Or badgers or wolverines either.  Besides, what the heck does a raccoon in the attic have to do with a bobcat in a tree?”

“Is that a joke?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied.  “Why not.  How is a raccoon in the attic like a bobcat in a tree?  Neither one are wolverines!”


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