A Doobie a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Medical Marijuana continues to be a front and center story here in Arizona and Mom has her opinions on the subject.  We’ve pretty much ignored her ‘sky is falling’ comments until we noticed a story in the Sun City newspaper indicating the delay in implementing it would affect many seniors and cause a lot of problems.  Even though the voters passed the bill, our governor has put implementation on hold until she’s sure no federal laws would be broken since the Obama administration seems to continue to single out Arizona for legal scrutiny.  This is in direct contrast to our neighboring state of Californication, who sets up doctor’s offices on each side of a dispensary and gives out prescriptions for medical pot like they were passing out granola bar samples at Costco with no federal intervention.

But I digress… Watching the news one night, Mom said how putting this on hold would be bad because it would force people to get their weed illegally.  Bill and I looked at each other and telegraphed “isn’t that how they do it now?” with our eyes.

Mom’s level of concern confused us further because it was coming from the same person that thought legalization was the worst thing that could happen to the state and that Arizonans would all burn in hell (as if we don’t in the summer anyway!) if it was legalized.

“It seems to be causing a lot of problems in Sun City,” Bill commented after the story on TV ended. “Seniors claim they won’t be able to get their pot.”

“I know, it’s awful.  Now they’ll have to suffer needlessly”  Mom lamented.

“Mom, nobody’s suffering, they have ways of getting their marijuana if they need it,” I said.

Ignoring me, she continued… “They’ll be forced to grow it in their backyards, or order it from the black market.  It’s just a mess.”

“Mom, it’s not a mail-order business” Bill commented.

“I don’t know about that but this medical marijuana thing is really going to cause problems, I just know it is.  It’s going to be big trouble.”

And that starts with a T and rhymes with a P and that stands for POT!


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