Taliban Rabbits

Have I mentioned that there’s a big problem with rabbits here in Sun City?  And it’s not just little bunnies, it jack rabbits that are the size of mature cocker spaniels.

These furry little bundles of cuteness are everywhere and in astounding numbers.  And they eat anything… flowers, shrubs, fruit.  They eat low-hanging leaves on citrus trees and the oranges, grapefruit and lemons that have fallen to the ground. They’ll even eat cactus.  I’ve caught them munching on prickly pear paddles, totem poles and red barrels.  They eat the spring cactus blossoms, the flowers and the meat of the plant. 

But their absolute favorite thing to devour are succulents.  These are drought-resistant, usually picker-free, moisture-loving little salad bar delights for rabbits.  We have a couple of succulent gardens around the house.  One is outside the kitchen window and is protected by a decorative wrought iron fence.  The other is in the backyard and borders the sun room.  This one is surrounded by a chicken wire fence, which worked for a little while until the rabbits discovered they could lift the wire from the bottom enough to allow them to squeeze underneath.  So Bill and I reinforced the perimeter with large rocks along the entire fence line, both in front and behind the base.  Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped them.  Two mornings in a row now, Bill has found one determined little varmint inside the fencing, happily munching on an ice plant.

The first morning I discovered a small break in the wire along the base where a determined little critter could slip through.  So I closed the hole.  The next morning, neither Bill nor I could find a breach so I have reached the only possible logical conclusion… a rabbit catapult.  Yes dear reader, a Rabbitpult!!  This is the only way they could be getting in unless it’s a new generation of bunnies that have super powers.  In which case, all is lost!!


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