Batter Up!

Watching a cable news channel yesterday, a reporter was giving an update on the French President of the International Monetary Fund and the rape allegations he was charged with.  The ribbon at the bottom of the screen said ‘Casey Stegall reports on IMF sex scandal.’ 

Sitting with me on the couch, Mom commented that it was a shame that men with money and power felt it was OK to behave this way.

“Between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tiger Woods and Clinton and JFK, it’s just criminal that they think they can get away with this stuff!”

“Yup,” I agreed.  “It’s a real shame.”

“And now it looks like Casey Stengel was involved in some kind of sex scandal.”

“Who?” I asked, looking at the TV.

“You know, that guy, I think he was in baseball.”

“You mean the Yankees manager, Casey Stengel?”

“Yes, him.”

“Mom,  I don’t think Casey Stengel is still alive and if he was, he’s probably be 90 or 100 years old!  I think that’s the name of the reporter.”

“Well then he shouldn’t be messing around at his age.  And neither should that reporter!”


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