Over Where?

Walking into the kitchen for a coffee refill this morning, Mom commented “I hope they leave soon.”

I glanced at the TV and the local Fox morning news was on.  They were showing footage of Mexican troops and doing a story on the drug cartels.

“What do you mean leave?” I asked.  “Leave where?”

“There,” she relied, nodding towards the TV screen while she peeled her morning banana.

“You mean Mexico?”

“No, I mean there.”


“You know, that place over there.”

“Do you mean Afghanistan?”

“Yes.  They should leave.”

But Mom,” I explained.  “The news story is about drug cartels in Mexico.”

“What on earth are our troops doing in Mexico?”

“They’re not – those are Mexican soldiers and Mexican police.”

“Oh,” she said, taking a bite of the banana.   “Well, they should get them out of there too.”

“Get who out of where?”

“Those drug people.  They should get them out.”

“Well, I think they’re trying,” I responded.

“Then they better snap it up because it’s only going to get worse with this medical marijuana thing here!”

I fled the room, vowing never to return.


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